Time-lapses. Love them, or hate them. Either way, they exist. You get some good ones and you get some bad ones, but recently I came across this beautiful 8K time-lapse, shot in infrared by photographer Christian Mögnum Möhrle and it's sure to knock your socks off.

When it comes to this specific craft of photography, one suddenly realizes the immense patience the artist must have in order to create a mere three-minute video. This is not a video shot in a matter of hours, but days, regardless of the time spent finding the right subject matter, waiting for the right light, finally taking hours to capture it and ending it off with hours spent in post-production processing the individual frames. I take my hat off to Christian for having the vision and patience to complete such a monumental task, especially when dealing with 8K files.

When it comes to time-lapses, I've shot my fair share, however, I've never played around with Infra-Red before. This video made me want to instantly convert my old Canon DSLR to an infra-red camera in order to try out something similar.

Have you experimented with infra-red? Are you an infra-red shooter? Tell me about your thoughts in the comment section below.

View more of Christian’s work on his Instagram, Facebook and Youtube page.